About Us



"To be the HR and Operations Consulting Company of choice - across select markets and industry domains." 



At Goodlead, we aim at enabling our clients organisations to their improve business performance by helping them to Acquire, Develop and Manage their most valuable asset – Employees – through structured Selection, Assessment and Development programs and Organisation wide interventions.

Building on our experience of human capital sourcing and capability development we aim to create high quality enterprise-wide offerings that equip business leaders to “be” in the present, “foresee” the future and create strategies for a better tomorrow by engaging with their employees.

We specialize in talent sourcing and talent development through customized interventions at various employee levels. At the organisational level, we provide long-term interventions around Top Management Team ideologies - Strategy & Visioning, Implementation and workshops for complex issues. 

At the group level, we facilitate effective group thinking through participatory approach workshops for high-impact outcomes through a change-ready approach to issues. We work at the individual level through coaching and evaluation methods with an aim to enhance performance.​



While dealing with various stakeholders, it is Our Commitment that while respecting client ethos and organisation culture, we will offer the best of our services in order to enable our clients to develop practical and result oriented solutions. We will offer our esteemed clients interventions which are based on a long term relationship approach and participative consultation interventions. We will, under all conceivable circumstances, protect the confidentiality of client data and we place integrity and trust in the highest order of our consulting practice.