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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition


While the Internet gives access to millions of profiles of those actively and passively looking for a new opportunity – today’s recruitment methods need a more updated approach than the traditional search engine mode.  

At GOODLEAD our approach to EXECUTIVE SEARCH is based on finding and attracting the best talent through:

Specialized Consultants located Pan India.

As specialists, our consultants are able to undertake complex searches and find candidates in line with your business’s requirements. Our consultants are based in several offices throughout the country.

Sourcing through a worldwide search and a network of recruitment experts

In order to find the best talent anywhere in a very competitive market, we screen many potential candidates to understand their motivation and their objectives. We can carry out this selection process quickly and efficiently with our experienced consulting staff. Each of our recruitment experts works in a highly specialized sector at the highest position. They help identify the talent our clients need.

Networking for each new assignment, to search and find the best talent

The digital age has changed the methodology of finding talent considerably. 

At GOODLEAD, we encourage integrated digital techniques and social media tools to find the best candidates for our clients. We offer the best partnership in the market to help our clients identify, screen, and attract talented candidates globally.

Advice and follow up throughout the recruitment process. Our recruitment experts’ aim towards providing real-time advice to both the candidates and the clients. 


  • Medical Devices;
  • Diagnostic Equipment;
  • Scientific and Analytical Instruments;
  • Chemicals;
  • Manufacturing; 
  • Banking & Financial Services etc. 


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Talent Development

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition


Today, more than earlier, it is even more critical for companies to continuously Develop their Talent (read, Human Capital). 

Our informed view is that Talent Development is, probably unarguably, become a business differentiation

The vital difference today is that the responsibility of the Talent to Learn, to keep itself current and relevant, has gone up multiple-fold. This means that Talent will need to continuously keep Learning and Developing itself to remain relevant

Goodlead Consulting Services believes that “One-size-fits-all Training” won’t fit nor stick. It is our endeavor and our sincere, insistent advice to clients that each development plan be personalized to align with the organisational objectives

Our experience is that it is best for clients to equip their managers with the coaching skills needed to guide their employees’ smooth and successful transitions into next level performers. Ideally, Leaders should be directly involved in developing their people — and they (most probably) need the skills to do that. 

Goodlead Consulting Services sees itself as an enabler and a collaborator with its clients in achieving this objective, focusing on building and delivering an end-to-end, quantifiable Talent Development program. 

Our offerings include intensive training programs focused on specific target workforce who are potential drivers of business in the following areas:

  • Behavioral & Soft Skills training Management & Leadership Capacity Building 
  • Organisational Development (OD) 
  • Sales & Consulting training 
  • Coaching at Executive and Managerial Levels
  • Workshop of the Mind 
  • Espresso Learning Sessions      Personality Development Courses 
  • Team Development & Project Management


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Talent Management

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management


Devising and administering solutions for attracting, developing and retaining talent.

A targeted HR offering by GOODLEAD, to clients to ensure a better match between their talent and their overall strategy.

In the context of the quest for talent and an increasing shortage of skilled and experienced hands in the market, a company must be innovative in the way it manages talent in three key areas – acquisition, development and retention.

At GOODLEAD, we have created a division specialized in talent management with a specific focus on:


  • Competency Modelling 
  •  Psychometric Assessments
  •  Career Succession &   Planning
  •  Learning &   Development
  •  Training Needs Assessment
  •  Training delivery and   content 
  •  Management Development   Programs


  • Employee Policies
  • Job Evaluation and Job   Cards
  • Performance Management   System
  • PMS linked to KPI and Job   Cards
  • Rewards and Incentive   Schemes
  • Organisation wide   Employee Surveys


  • HR Strategy
  • HR Service Delivery   Design
  • HR Process Re-engineering
  • HR Audits
  • HR System Design
  • Bench marking Studies


  • Intensive training   programs focused on specific target workforce who are potential drivers of   business.         

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Talent Management